True Catholic Religion, plain orthodoxy, no ambiguities:

A Sermon by Msgr French, on the feast of Our Father St. Augustine.


A Summary of the Catholic Faith,

Perfectly free of the main errors of our time:

Liberalism, Evolutionism, Marcionism, Historicism, etc.

By a Religious of the Canons Regular of Saint Augustine.

Christianity is par excellence the Religion of Mystery. That does not mean it contains obscure and incomprehensible aspects – that is not the theological meaning of that notion. The Mystery is Truth, or such an aspect of Truth, which, when understood by the intellect, produces the illumination of the latter. The divine Light, which consumes the creature and unites it to God, can only be obtained by Faith, without which no man can please God, i.e. be accepted by him. Faith is given by the Church, first at Baptism, and then developed and maintained by the teaching given by the clergy. In order not to be dead, Faith must operate through Charity which is, strictly speaking, the supernatural Fire which consumes in the creature all that is not susceptible of leaving this lacrimarum vallis to reach its supernatural Finality.

The Mystery of the divine Triunity, of the Incarnation of the Word and of the divine humanity of the Son of God has been revealed by God and is taught by the Church with the very purpose of bringing about the return of the Soul to its proper Place, which is God participated in the Glory of the accomplished Charity.

This booklet is not particularly intended for children, but of course it can certainly be used as a basis for the teaching of those who have reached the age of reason. It will also be useful for a catechism of perseverance or a retreat.

32 coloured illuminations, taken from the « Grandes Heures » of Ann of Britany by Jean Fouquet (15th century), serve as an illustration to this brief by essential explanation of the Mysteries of the Catholic Faith.


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