Communion rules


Communion rules

Non-Catholics are not permitted to receive Holy Communion.

You must be fasting:

– Three hours from solid foods and alcohol;

– One hour from other liquids;

– Water may be taken at any time.

You must be in a state of sanctifying grace (confessed and been absolved from any mortal sins).

You must be modestly dressed.

No Communion in the hand.

At the traditional Mass, the communicant does not say “Amen.”

Dress code

 Ladies and Girls:

Modest dress or skirt,

Head covering (Veils available at our chapel),

No tight fitting, low cut, short, slit, sleeveless or revealing clothing,

No pants or trousers.

Men and Boys:

Dress shirt and tie,

Suit coat, jacket or sweater,

Dress shoes.

Forbidden for All:



Sweat shirts,

Sweat pants,

Athletic shoes,


Clothing with messages, large brand logos, sports logos, etc.