pax vobis

Constitution of the Community

  1. Dearly beloved, before all else, may God be loved, and then our neighbour, for these are the first precepts delivered unto us in Holy Scripture.
  2. The Community of Saint Augustine is a company of Celibate priests and Religious Brothers, pledge to uphold commend and teach the Traditional Faith and practice of the Catholic Church as they were know and received prior to the Second Vatican Council.
  3. The officers of the Community are the Bishop Abbot and the Prior who has control of the finances of the community.
  4. All clergy on admission to the community shall in public read the Profession of Faith and the Oath Against Modernism and put their signature to the same.
  5. The Community adheres to the Christian Faith as Defined by the Infallible Authority of the Supreme Pontiff, and the Ecumenical Councils united with him Without any deference or distinction whatsoever, When Matter of Faith or Morals are defined Ex Cathedra for the whole Church. While upholding and praying for the Office of the Papacy the Community hold the Sedevacantist position.
  6. In matters of discipline the Community shall follow the Rules defined by the Sacred Council of Trent.
  7. The Rites and Ceremonies to be used by members of the Community are those contained in the Roman Pontifical, The Roman Breviary, The Roman Missal and the Roman Ritual in used before Second Vatican Council.
  8. Holy Mass will be offered exclusively according to the TRIDENTINE RITE as Codified by Saint Pius V, not a world shall be added or removed from this rite.
  9. Those wishing for acceptance for training to the priesthood within the community must first be approved by the Bishop Abbot whose decision will be final.
  10. While is most fitting that we should promote Christian Unity, The Community firmly holds to the view that the Traditional Roman Church is the one, true church, Founded by Jesus Christ. In its relations with other Religious denominations, its shall do nothing to give the impression that all religious are equal.
  11. No member of this Community shall attend the services of other religious bodies without the prior permission of the Bishop Abbot.