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“Quod semper, quod ubique, quod ab omnibus.”

The Holy Sacrifice of the mass and the various ceremonies of the Tridentine Liturgy are celebrated in conformity with the prescriptions of our Mother the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, during the time of the vacancy of the Holy See in Rome.




Chapel of Our Lady of Mercy

His Excellency Msgr Michael French, crsa

Very Rev. Fr. Roberto Geonzon, crsa

96 Hythe Road


TN24 8PR



Msgr French’s Priory is at less than 10 minutes from the International Eurostar Station. (Please, click to enlarge.)

How To Go To Msgr French's Mass Center


First Mass at 9:00 am

Second Mass at 10:30 am

Please, contact us by email or phone

Email:   tridentinerite @

Phone: 01233 612 184  

Weekdays:  Please email as times vary.




La Tour-du-Pin

Abbé Guy-François Courtemanche, crsa


Residence Robert Allagual,

No. 8 Boulevard Victor Hugo,

38110 La Tour du Pin


E-mail: francois.courtemanche.70 @ gmail .com

(Se renseigner.)




Canónigos Regulares de San Agustín

Don J. Jesus Moya Colina, CRSA

Calle Real 31 Bajo Derecho

45002 Toledo – España

 Los ultimos Domingos del mes y fiestas particulare en c/Carmelitas 45 Salamanca


Email : joannesmcx @



Ad Matutinum 5:00 h

Laudes : 5:30 h Todos los días.

Prima: 6:00 h.

Santa Misa: 7:00 h Todos los días (Excepto los Domingos: 12:00 h )

Sexta: 12:15 h. ( Excepto los Domingos)

Nonam: 14:00.h ( Excepto los Domingos)

Santo Rosario: 17:30 h

Vísperas: 18:00 h Todos los días.

Completas: 20:00  h Todos los días.

Silencio: 21:00 h